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Millions of voices emanating around the World !


To bring the global economy back to pre-Covid levels, massive consumer spending is needed, which needs people being employed, earning income. We can help, even though we’re mostly all students. Our promises have value. Businesses can rely on us as a group.

Gen3M has set up a Futures Fund with assistance from sponsors. Covid and its variants are a formidable opponent, responsible for the loss of many lives, decimating economies and this necessitates radical counter-strategies, to be implemented across nations.

The Gen3M Futures Fund is a radical counter-strategy, which is Gen3M’s contribution to assisting humanity recover economically. 

Promissory Notes

Promissory Notes (i.e. a promise to do something) are negotiable commodities. The vast majority of Gen3M are under the legal age to enter into any contract but is that going to stop us? No! We can promise to do things or promise to purchase things. Then it is just up to each person making the promise, to do it or not do it, when the time comes to fulfill the promise.

What happens if I can’t complete a pledge?

Some of those making pledges will be unable to fulfill their pledge, through a change in circumstances or other factors. That’s where Sponsors, guarantors of pledges such as Marscom Media, come into effect. They ensure that the product that you pledged to purchase, is purchased, but then it’s donated to Kids 4 Kids charity.

When you purchase your product, you get a bonus for keeping your pledge. e.g. with a T-shirt purchase, instead of getting a standard T-shirt, you receive a limited-edition T-shirt worth much more than the price of a regular T-shirt.

The Marscom Group have guaranteed an initial $1million to cover Pledges by young people. Pledges are to purchase a specific item, for a specific amount, on a specific date. Each pledge is helping to stimulate the economy and inspire others to do the same.

The burden of the corona debt, created by older generations, is part of our inheritance and we will carry it, knowing that the priority of most governments was saving lives, above economic consideration.

For us, young people at school, going into jobs or onto uni, Pledges will give each of us an invaluable credit history, which normally take years to build up.

Pledges are limited by age, amount and period (12 months maximum). See chart below for how much you can pledge. Initially, Pledges will be limited to T-shirts but we will be expanding to cover a range of merchandise and services.


NOTES: Marscom Media guarantees an initial $1M for Pledges


In the highest realms of stock exchange, where hundreds of millions of $$ are traded in a single deal, brokers simply give their word to buy and/or sell. The trade is effected but paperwork comes later = TRUST; a bit like eBay where people pay for goods before actually receiving them.

Recession is when people don’t have jobs, can’t afford to spend, so the economy stagnates. “Inevitable” is how most economists have defined this recession. How soon we come through it is the big question. Amazingly, Gen3M may be able to help and perhaps lay down a template to inspire others.

A business, which has received $X in pledges, can then leverage the value of their communal pledges, with their guarantees. The Pledges are to purchase items. This promises an exchange of goods or services at a future date and that is what is needed to get our economy moving again, as fast as possible.

Pledge Now!

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